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Engraved using a High Frequency Laser source, this is a permanent etch of the material surface and is extremely durable.

Variety of sizes and materials to choose from

Used extensively in the Electrical, HVAC & Solar sectors, Trotec 2-Ply Plastic has excellent durability.

Full Range of Colours available.

Liquid printed front on either aluminium or poly backing with 3M adhesive designed to suit a variety of applications and specifications.

Large range to choose from

Made from durable 2 ply Trotec plastic ideal for GPO / Switchboard labels. Choose from Adhesive or with screw mounted holes.

Full Range of Colours available

Precision Laser Marking and Engraving in Melbourne

Our state of the art laser marking and engraving machines have the ability to combine the process of both the laser cutting and engraving on the one product. This process is commonly used when engraving items such as Switchboard / GPO Labelling, Cable / Wire Markers, Electrical labels and Warning signage.

We can engrave on all plastics ( 2 ply, acrylic, Trolase, Traffolyte ), Stainless steel, Aluminium, Anodized aluminium as well as most metals and even wood and leather.

Customised Laser cutting and engraving solutions to suit all your industrial and commercial needs.

The Identifi team continually strive to be leaders within the Laser marking and engraving industry. We do this through innovation and dedication to quality and detail, as well as providing professional and reliable service.

We supply to businesses all around Australia and New Zealand, including: Bayswater, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland, Christchurch, Tasmania.

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Identifi Engraving and Laser Marking Services Melbourne

Innovative ideas - precision results


Modern Technology

Identifi uses state of the art Laser Marking & Engraving equipment to ensure high quality precision results every time.


Solid Reputation

With over 15 Years experience we have managed to forge a solid reputation in the Laser Engraving industry for high quality results and reliability.


Our Philosophy

Our core values are designed around using only the very best products, delivering high-end laser engraved labels & signage.

Industries we service include



HVAC & Mechanical


Controls & BMS

Fire & Water

Laser Marking & Engraving Solutions

Switchboard / GPO labelling, Cable Markers, Wire Markers, Stainless Steel Identification Tags, Labels and Valve Markers and Warning / Caution Signage